About Our Academy

Mission & Vision

When given a choice between scrolling through social media or building wealth (with passive income & cash flow), teenagers are going to choose to learn how to start building wealth EVERY TIME. They don't want to do it "later", they want to start now.


We provide a program to make sure teens learn about ownership and how to earn wealth, manage money, leverage credit, and accumulate assets - all before they graduate from High School.

Our Impact

In school, kids learn all about subjects that won't always be useful in your child's future (most of which don't have any use in their day-to-day lives). 

That's why we teach about:

Starting A Business,

Managing A Budget,

Creating Cash Flow & Turning A Profit,

Building Business Credit,

Leveraging Credit & Fundraising A Startup,

Acquiring Assets & Minimizing Liabilities,

Understanding Bookkeeping & Taxes, etc.

Not only will this empower the students, but our goal is to empower entire families to achieve financial freedom TOGETHER!

Why Parents Love Our Program!

A YWA education is the

perfect gift for your children.


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Expectations of the Program

Students are not required to have any prior knowledge in financial literacy. We cover all concepts so that they are easy to understand and no one is left behind. 

Students may be provided with handouts or packets that contain information about the program and the essential activities that they are participating in. 

Tuition Includes...

While Tuition for both our online courses and our in-person classes include administrative and curriculum costs, our in-person classes cover many other expenses (such as meals, events, staff, field trips and prizes).

Additionally, we offer your child daily student compensation (up to $10 per lesson, based on classroom performance), as well as benefits, perks and incentive programs for students learning how to build a team and create wealth among their peers.

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