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Youth Wealth Academy - Testimonials

Teens attend Youth Wealth Academy to learn more about financial literacy, buying assets over liabilities, and practicing wealth building habits at a young age. We have all sorts of cool things for teens to learn.

The BASIC course introduces our students to basic money management and financial literacy, and allows your child to be able to keep up with the rest of their classmates and peer group.
The STANDARD course takes it a step further by also providing an opportunity for your child to earn up to $20/hour ($10 per 30 minute lesson each day), and expands the curriculum to include business ownership principles, and leadership skills.
The ADVANCED course is for students who want to be able to take advantage of everything offered in the Standard course, like the ability to earn while they learn, and much more. The ultimate goal is to show your child how to master wealth building, business ownership principles, credit building and leveraging, leadership skills - all while earning up to $20/hour ($10 per 30 minute lesson each day). 
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Introduces students to basic money management and financial literacy, but does not pay students to learn.

The Basic package does a great job of introducing students to core financial literacy and wealth building - just without the extra incentive students sometimes need to give it their all.

NOTE: We recommend our Standard course (or our Advanced course), which allow teenagers to "earn while they learn" because there's no greater way to teach them about money management, investing, and business ownership than to put money in the hands of each student - every day.  This way the money goes back to our students, which means the price of the course allows for the transfer of wealth & knowledge to your child immediately!

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Allows students to master money management and investing while earning up to $10 per day.

The Standard package allows your student to master financial literacy, wealth building and business ownership principles - all while earning up to $10 per day + bonuses.

Even more than the Basic package, the Standard course offers:

  1. Youth Bank Accounts w/VISA Debit Cards

  2. Daily Student Compensation (Up to $160/month + bonuses)

  3. Weekly Student Payroll

  4. Guidance on Business Startup - Company Formation (LLC Setup and Support)

  5. Guidance on Business Bank Account Setup

  6. Assistance with Business Credit Development

  7. Training on How To Leverage Business Credit

  8. Training on How To Acquire Business Loans


NOTE: The Advanced course has much more to offer.

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Empowers students to master investing, wealth building, business ownership, & leadership.

The Advanced course empowers students to master financial literacy, wealth building, business ownership principles, and develop leadership skills - all while earning up to $10 per day + bonuses.


Even more than the Standard package, the Advanced course offers:

  1. Special Bonus Courses

  2. Content Expert Interviews

  3. Monthly Calls with Parents

  4. One-On-One Quarterly Check-ins

  5. Enhanced Referral Bonuses ($50 per Referral)

  6. Business Blueprint (Tools & Resources), and more.


We take our process of incentivizing teenagers to "earn while they learn", and put money in students hands by teaching them how to manage money and invest. A substantial portion of tuition fees are used to help provide extra incentive for student participation, as well as to offer all the extra benefits that can only be taken advantage of by enrolling in the Advanced course.

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