Teens attend Youth Wealth Academy to learn more about financial literacy, buying assets over liabilities, and practicing wealth building habits at a young age. We have all sorts of cool things for teens to learn.

Invest in your child's financial
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Sponsored Cypress ISD High Schools:
Bridgeland High School
Cypress Ranch High School
Cypress Springs High School
Cypress Woods High Schoo




COST: $500

Pay in weekly installments, and take advantage of a more flexible payment plan. 



COST: $1,760

Pay in monthly installments, and save $240 in tuition & fees. 



Our spring semester program will be January 6th - May 21st, only on school days. 

Curriculum includes weekly lesson topics on:

  • Budgeting and Financial Planning,

  • Types of Bank Accounts (Checking, Savings, etc),

  • Establishing and Building Personal Credit,

  • Costs and Benefits of Loans (Car Loans and Student Loans),

  • Understanding the Costs of College,

  • Good vs Bad Debt (Leveraging Credit and Other Resources),

  • Insurance and Deductibles,

  • Understanding and Paying Your Taxes,

  • Buying vs Renting (Cars, Real Estate, etc),

  • How Credit Cards Work,

  • Dealing with Debt and Interest,

  • Avoiding Predatory Lending,

  • Investing in Assets vs Liabilities,

  • Building and Maintaining Business Credit,

  • How to Create an LLC (Limited Liability Company),

  • Technology Tools for your Business,

  • How to Build an Effective Team,

  • Investing and the Rule of 72

  • Fundamentals of Wealth Building

  • Introduction to Retirement Accounts

COST: $6,840

Pay the entire semester's tuition in one installment on or before January 6th, and save $2,800 in tuition & fees!



Youth Wealth Academy is proud to offer financial aid providing support to those students with demonstrated need. This much needed funding for rare scholarship opportunities is for underprivileged kids. The academy offers one scholarship for every 14 regular students enrolled. This reflects the Academy’s commitment to supporting students from a broad range of economic situations.

Additionally, for families seeking financing alternatives for their child’s education, our financing partners offer low fixed rate loans which may be a suitable option to help make your child’s education costs more affordable.

Please visit their website at



Participation in YWA's after school program does require a mandatory minimal tuition, which covers all costs for the program (including any and all meals, events, curriculum, staff, field trips, administrative costs and prizes, but also provides much needed funding for rare scholarship opportunities for underprivileged kids). The academy offers one scholarship for every 14 regular students enrolled from sponsored schools.

Our regular programming allows for up to 4 days/week (Mon-Thurs). By logging into your profile, you can select the number of days you wish your children to participate in the program and your bill will be reflected accordingly. Early release days are included with your tuition (regular tuition doesn’t include special day-camp offerings, should they be scheduled in addition to regular programming).

The rate at your school is calculated based on a number of factors, such as overall program time, the number of school days in the year, and facility use fees. Tuition is billed monthly, with a full day being the base unit ($125/day).  Drop-ins and last-minute admissions are available at a higher base rate. For families who wish to enroll multiple teenage students at the same time (from the same household), we offer a 12.5% discount for each student to help assist with the cost of tuition.

We offer daily student compensation, as well as benefits, perks and incentive programs.

No Hidden Fees: Our attendance fee, as well as our materials fee is already built into our tuition costs. All meals, student compensation and daily cash prizes are also incorporated in the cost of tuition. Absolutely no surprises!

Please keep in mind that a substantial portion of tuition fees are used to help provide extra incentive to your children's classroom participation - we pay teenagers up to $10/hour for learning how to build a team and create wealth among their peers everyday after school. We believe in incentivizing teenagers to "earn while they learn", and there's no better way to do that than to put money in their hands each and every day while teaching them how to invest.  

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