Every 90 days the student who has earned the most money** within our course, wins free school (or up to $1,000).

Every 90 days, we determine the student with the higest earnings, and we pay the entire cost of their courses for the previous 90 days. To be clear, this money is given to the winner, and can be used however you want (most winners treat the quarterly winnings as an opportunity for tuition reimbursement).

* The YWA SCHOLARSHIP CONTEST is not currently available to students at the "Basic" membership level. To participate, students must be signed up for a minimum of 90 days under the "Standard" or "Advanced" membership level.

** Earnings are based on a combination of the highest "quiz scores" and "on time" scores, plus any earnings from "extra credit mini-projects" and "referral bonuses". Penalties for late work are assessed and also taken into account.

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