We Pay Students Everyday

(Earnings + Bonuses)

And we aren't talking about chump change either! How's up to $20/hour sound?! Students have a chance to earn up to $10 per lesson. Every day students are expected to complete a new lesson, and because most students take approximately 30 mins to complete our lessons, that equals up to $20 per hour for the time you devote to your YWA studies.

It goes something like this: Students GET PAID to Learn - kinda like a job, only better!
Students watch short 1-10 min videos, then take a 5 question quiz to earn up to $10 (usually in less than 30 mins). Plus, if you enroll in YWA today, you will receive a free kid-friendly bank account with your very own VISA Debit Card - where your everyday student earnings are deposited. In fact, YWA deposits student earnings instantly - each and every Friday - immediately after weekly quiz results are published.

Welcome to Youth Wealth Academy (YWA)

We are an invite-only online school that is completely different from any other school on the planet for one crazy cool reason. And that is... WE PAY STUDENTS TO LEARN - pretty lit, right? Some old people are hating on us, and calling us crazy, but yeah, we know it's a fire idea!
They are just jealous this wasn't around when they were in school. Students aren't slaves and we just think it would be awesome (and fair) to put money in your pocket for all your hard work! So yeah, that sets us apart.

So if you like the idea of "earning while you learn" (for you, your siblings, and all of your friends), then be one of the first students you know to give it a try. That way, when you get your friends and siblings to sign up, we'll pay you $50 a pop in bonus cash!

It's absolutely free for students, but parents on the other hand must pay the tuition cost for their kids to be their own boss.
Student Pay is based on participation, so students should strive to complete all activities and assignments in a timely manner. This is necessary in order to earn compensation for keeping up with the course! Bonus pay is available for students who choose to help other students & classmates enroll into the YWA program.

We even took it a step farther!


We want the entire world to know that we've got your back!



It's because of YOU that we believe in the next generation. The students in our class are some of the best, brightest minds around the world. We believe in you guys so much, and we want what is best for you.
Additionally, we believe in the notion that "right is right, wrong is wrong, and fair is fair." So when adults are paid for their efforts but students are not, it's only right that we fight for students right to fair compensation.
Again, if it's "right" for adults to get paid (for waking up and going to work), then it's only "right" for students to get paid (for waking up and getting to work - at school). In fact, we feel so strongly about this one idea, that we hired an graphic t-shirt designer to make us a shirt!

Youth Wealth Academy is the ONLY training platform that

pays teenagers & kids to learn about

money, wealth creation, and healthy credit building habits.

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